Our History


In 1970, FDI Group began as Financial Designs, Inc. with Robert Churella at the helm.

Robert’s ability to connect with people and understand their amount of risk exposure lead FDI to be a prosperous insurance brokerage. Robert’s growing business could match customers with just the right Property & Casualty, Life, Health and/or Disability coverage. He even became well-versed in the niche of selling insurance to medical professionals and organizations. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, FDI served a broad client base with specialty insurance products that advanced with the world’s challenges and opportunities.


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His son Mark Churella led FDI into the 80’s, bringing a new perspective to the quality long associated with his father’s company. Mark expanded FDI to offer new services to insurance companies, such as a Managing General Agency under Health Care Administrators and Medical Bill Review services under ManageAbility. He also extended the retail-side by acquiring the respected and independent George B. Ford Agency, allowing FDI to align with more insurance carriers and expand its resources.

1990s – 2010

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From there, the company marched into the late 90’s and 00’s with the launch of USI&C, a captive insurance carrier, and CompOne Administrators, a third-party claims administrator.

 Under Mark’s leadership, FDI acquired Startech Software, which gained clients and internal companies access to a full Claims Management and Medical Bill Review solution.


Present Day

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Working alongside Mark now are his sons, Mark Jr. and Ryan. Mark Jr. takes lead on the agency side, George B. Ford, leading the team of agents with the same approach his grandfather had: matching clients with the best possible coverage for their amount of risk. Ryan helps lead operations with the companies that center around claims management: CompOne Administrators, ManageAbility, ManageAbility IME, Rizikon, and Startech.

Like Robert, Mark and his sons were able to keep a pulse on the growing needs of the insurance industry, and created FDI Risk Managers to provide alternative risk solutions. 2014 and 2016 saw further expansion with Manageability IME (Independent Medical Evaluations) and Rizikon (Risk Management, Safety & Loss Prevention).

Both Ryan and Mark Jr. bring fresh ideas that build upon the legacy their grandfather and father built, and all three generations are actively involved in the day-to-day operations.